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Bring your debt problems to an end by applying for debt counselling today.


Who needs debt counseling?

South Africans are still under the whip when it comes to finances.

The last few years have been especially tough due to the recession and job losses. And for those that do work, the unfortunate reality is that the average South African Salary is approximately R6800 per month. There are also thousands of people that earn less than that and many without employment at all.

The launch of the National Credit Act has been a much needed adjustment for setting new lending criteria to South Africans that are fair, manageable and realistic. But the repercussions of debt incurred prior to the National Credit Act still weigh heavily on many people.

If you have found your way to this website, it’s already a good sign that you are hungry for more information about debt counseling.

To start you off on your journey, here are a few tell tale signs that you may be overly in debt:

Unpaid home loans

A home loan is one of the few decent kinds of debts that one can take on.  Property is considered as an asset and an investment, however if you cannot afford to pay your home load, this is already a critical call to action for taking steps towards debt counseling.  The most valuable achievement of getting through debt counseling successfully is the ability to keep your property financially safe.

Unpaid vehicle installments

For many people personal transport is crucial for getting to work and back.  Not being able to afford your vehicle installments can be extremely worrisome.  Not being able to afford your monthly vehicle repayments is a clear sign of being in financial distress.  Debt counselors have the ability to negotiate on your behalf with the bank that financed your vehicle. Once you have entered into debt counseling we will be able to negotiate your repayments to be restructured in such a way whereby you keep your vehicle and pay lower amounts back each month.

Unpaid credit cards

Credit card debt is one of the most dangerous kinds of debt to have. The average annual interest rate of credit cards in South Arica is between 18% and 19.5% – credit card debt is currently having a financially crippling effect on millions of South Africans.  If you are unable to pay your credit card it is a sure indication of being overly in debt. As debt counselors, your credit card debt is one of the first things that we will look at restructuring to enable you to become debt free as soon as possible.

General financial distress

If you are experiencing a general feeling of distress over your finances and feel concerned about being financially overcommitted, approach us for advice. Prevention is better than cure, so even if you don’t feel that you don’t need debt counseling, but would like to be sure, contact one of our debt counselors today.

Contact us

By getting in touch with one of our debt counselors you can start the process toward becoming debt free today. It’s a simple, comfortable and confidential process. Our debt counsellors are accredited by the National Credit Act and will start you on your journey toward financial independence immediately.

Call us using telephone numbers above of complete form.


More info on what is debt counselling, what is the debt counselling process and the debt counselling fees.

Find more info from the National Credit Regular here.

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